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We Provide Services in Ottawa, Ontario and Quebec

We provide piano moving, rental and storing services to our valuable customers in and surrounding of Ottawa. We can move your piano from Ottawa to Quebec and Ontario with safety.

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Fast Service

We are the most efficient and reliable piano movers in Ottawa. Our team moves your piano to another city in less time thus providing fastest piano moving services to the people of Ottawa and creating new records of fast service. However our fast service never compromises the quality of services. We are fast yet the most professional.

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Safe Delivery

Our team of piano movers consists of experienced and skilled professionals for safe delivery of your piano anywhere you want. We ensure safe and careful handling of your piano to keep it intact during moving. We eliminate the risk of mis -handling of your piano during the transit making us the most reliable option for you.

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24/7 Support

You can call us any hour of the day to move your piano or even to rent a piano in Ottawa. Piano moving and storing is one phone call away with our 24/7 service availability and our efficient customer support that is available all the time for your assistance. So we are just one call away from you any time of any day.

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Quick Delivery Service

We facilitate our customers with our quick delivery services. If you want to move your piano, or store your piano or want to rent a piano in Ottawa we have a team ready all the time that gets to you as fast as possible. We do not miss the address and deliver the piano at the exact location mentioned by the client. We deliver your piano at your desired location faster than you could imagine. As compared to other piano movers we use the latest technology for efficient and fast piano delivery.


We provide our services all over Ottawa and even areas surrounding Ottawa with our quick and efficient delivery options. Your piano is delivered to its destination in less than the required time without any delays and with the safest handling. What else would one want!

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Piano Movers

Best Piano Movers in Ottawa
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Piano Storage

Piano Storage in Ottawa
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Piano Rental

Piano Rental in Ottawa

Best Piano Movers in Ottawa

Ottawa's Piano Expert

With a team of experts and specialized professionals we claim to be the best piano movers in Ottawa.We have intensive experience and expertise in piano moving and storing services. Get your piano moved anywhere in less time and without worrying about the safety of your piano. Our team monitors the movement of your piano until it reaches the destination to ensure smooth and reliable delivery. 

Piano Storage in Ottawa

Ottawa's Piano Expert

If you are looking for a safe place to store your piano for some time, then you have come to the right place. We store your piano for you as safe as possible with our expert team members. We provide not only safe but also the most secure piano storage in Ottawa. Your piano is always safe with us and kept in its original form as long as it stays with us. You can always visit our storage area to see for yourself the suitable conditions we provide for storing your piano.
We also provide extensive security services at our storage houses to keep your pianos secure and safe with us. Thus you do not have to worry about your piano being misplaced or stolen. We also regularly monitor the storage houses according to requirements for long term storing of pianos.

Piano Rental in Ottawa

Ottawa's Piano Expert

Apart from moving and storing your piano we also have piano rental services for those of you who do not own a piano but still love to use one.We offer the most affordable piano rental services in Ottawa. You can pick your favorite piano from the various options available with us. The rent in extremely affordable and within your budget. We also provide free delivery services if you rent a piano from us to ensure that the piano reached to you safe and fast.

The process of renting a piano from us is fast, smooth and easy. So rent a piano from our large collection and enjoy your day without having to buy a piano of your own.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different

  • We are passionate about customers
  • Professional Equipment
  • We are performance driven
  • We are successful
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Why customers love us

We are passionate about customers

What makes us the best choice for you for moving or storing your piano? It is our commitment to your work and the professionalism of our team. We are passionate about providing the best piano moving services to our clients which is evident from the exquisite feedback we get from our customers. We handle your piano with care and personal dedication so as to ensure that your piano is well taken care of. We avoid any mis-handling that might be harmful to your piano while moving it through long distance or saving it at our storage houses.

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Why customers love us

We are energetic and eager

Our expertise comes not only from the professionalism of our team but also from the most professional equipment used to move your piano. We use the latest technology available in the market to ensure safe handling of piano and to keep it in its best and original form. We do not rely on old dated methods and technologies. Our equipment are always latest and well maintained for the safety of your piano. Moreover we have a team of professionals skilled at operating the equipmentin a well-organized manner to get their maximum utility.

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Years of experience

We are performance driven

We have been providing our services in Ottawa for many years now and all these years have helped us in perfecting our piano moving and storing services. Our professionalism has hiked through all these years of hard work and dedication with years we have adopted to the latest and far more advanced methods of moving pianos over long distances in minimum time. We are not new in this business, but been doing this for years and hence understand every inch of it. We keep on updating our technology and methods to stay one step ahead of the market competitors. This also helps us to increase the efficiency of our provided services.

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Why customers love us

We are performance driven

Our dedication and professionalism is well transcribed into the success of our work in Ottawa. Every person who owns a piano has is well aware of our services. We have a huge client base and have been providing satisfactory services to our customers for a long time now. Our customers always shower us with great feedbacks to prove the success our services. We are successfully providing the people of Ottawa with services of piano moving, piano storage as well as piano renting and all kinds of piano related assistance.

We are successfully providing the people of Ottawa with services of piano moving, piano storage as well as piano renting and all kinds of piano related assistance.

Piano Movers

Piano Movers

Piano Rental

Piano Rental

Piano Storage

Piano Storage

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More About Us

Move your piano on time and with ease by choosing our team of specialists. Our team has 15 years experience combined to provide you a premium piano moving service that is sure to keep our clients happy. 

All your piano related issues are resolved at this one place. We begin the process after complete consideration of the details like the route to take, the specs of piano, the requirements etc. Our safe handling ensures to keep the piano secure during the transit. You do not have to worry about a single thing. Our research team does all the research before we begin moving your piano to avoid any inconvenience.

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Using High Technology

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    Free QuoteOur customer satisfaction comes from our use of Technology to provide ease to our valuable customers
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    Climate Controlled StorageWe provide climate controlled storage to safely store your piano for your preferred length of time and change
  • moving pianos ottawa
    100% AccuracyWe leave no stone unturned while moving your piano and make sure it is delivered with 100% accuracy. From your place to the destination, your piano is our responsibility.
What they say

Client’s Testimonial

Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

  • Had a great experience with these piano movers. They were friendly and professional and very efficient. It was interesting watching how its done and everything went perfect. Thank you to the crew and I would recommend this piano moving company!

    Oliver Gordon
  • We had to move of a piano in a hurry. They were able to get it done and at an extremely competitive price. Would use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks guys.

    Cheryl Junkin
  • Amazing experience with Ottawa Piano Moving Specialists. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of this service and they have very competitive rates. Friendly and skilled.

    Michelle Brennan
  • Very positive experience. Professional move from start to end. Easy scheduling and timely delivery.
    Definitely would recommend their services.

    Phillip Clark