Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Moving of a Piano depends on the quality of the piano and the distance. Although we at Ottawa Piano Moving Specialist have cheap and affordable price and the price is also negotiable. So, If you want an estimate you can get a free quote at our website.

How do you move Piano?

First we strap the body of the piano. Then we place the piano of a skid board and the piano start moving. In this way we don’t damage the finishing of the piano and the piano can be moved easily where you want.

How many men does it take to move a piano?

It takes at least four men to move a piano efficiently. Two to Three people doing the heavy lifting of the piano and the remaining do the rolling of piano from house to the truck or from truck to the place you want. Although the number depends on the size of the piano or complexity of the move.

How do you move the piano to second floor?

We at piano movers ottawa are specialized in moving piano to any location you want. First we carefully place the piano on a moving dolly and we take small steps. Quick movement will shake the components of the piano. When reached second floor we unload from the moving doll and place the piano on the desired location.

We have safe and secure warehouses for storing your piano for longer periods of time until you need them back.